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Welcome to the LREP Home Page

GENERAL PURPOSE & HISTORY OF LREP: Hello, I'm Jason E. Havens, a Destin, Florida attorney and a graduate of the University of Miami's Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Estate Planning program. In 1997, while a law student at the University of Tennessee College of Law (UT -- my beloved alma mater), I designed this personal site with three goals in mind: (1) to assist legal researchers in finding quality legal materials on the Internet; (2) to provide information to law students throughout the world; and (3) to allow others to contact me via the Internet. Because of my focus on estate planning at UT, due in part to the academic guidance of UT & Waller, Lansden Distinguished Professor Amy Hess, I also devoted a page of this site to estate planning and taxation legal research and information, now known as the Legal Research for Estate Planners website (LREP).

USE OF LREP: All usage of LREP is subject to its mandatory Terms Use & Disclaimer, which are available via any page of this site via the navigational bar at the left side or the bottom of any page.

I am very thankful and honored that LREP has evolved to a national resource or "gateway" on estate planning (with reviews provided by fellow practitioners) from its single-page beginning. To guide LREP users, please review the Helpful Tips page, which is also available via the navigational bar at the left side or the bottom of any page. The general comments on the Helpful Tips page should optimize the use of and research in connection with LREP. Please use the LREP search tool below ( 10/11/2003), which is now powered by Google, to find specific information that was formerly offered on a single page.

THE FUTURE OF LREP: As of June 2005 ( 6/25/2005), LREP was updated with the most significant changes since its conversion to a multi-page website. I have limited the links to only those that are most useful to practitioners and the public.  I have also included numerous citations to other resources on particular estate planning topics, most of which are available in print and via the Internet (although most require subscriptions).

I hope to maintain LREP as long as I am capable to ensure that it continues as a free resource on estate planning. I have posted materials and links that will hopefully prove useful to others. I greatly appreciate all of the comments that I have received over the years from LREP users. Please continue to help me perpetuate the purpose of LREP, visit as much as desired, and tell others about this site.

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